Hotel Fino Tokyo Akihabara

Travel Information

Hotel → Akihabara (7 minutes’ walk)
Akihabara has developed as one of the largest electronics quarters in Japan. Here you can also experience Japan’s unique “otaku” geek culture.

Hotel → Ueno-Hirokoji Station (7 minutes’ walk) → Nihombashi Station (6 min. via Subway Ginza Line)
Being just a 5-minute walk away from Tokyo Station and a 10-minute walk away from the Imperial Palace, Nihombashi has been the center of history, culture, and commerce. Delicious sushi and eel cuisine and cultural traditions lives on in this town close to the center of Tokyo, the capital city of Japan for the last four hundred years.

Hotel → Ueno Station (10 minutes’ walk)
Dotted with galleries and museums, Ueno is a culturally rich area. The town also boasts its zoo famed for pandas, Onshi Park known for the magnificent cherry trees, and distinct, bustling shopping streets such as “Ameyoko” and a street of wholesale jewelry shops.

Hotel → Ueno-Hirokoji Station (7 minutes’ walk) → Asakusa Station (10 min. via Subway Ginza Line)
Asakusa is one of the most vibrant areas in Tokyo. The town enjoys its popularity among foreign tourists with its landmarks Kaminari-mon (Thunder Gate) and Senso-ji Temple, and numerous other attractions including Tokyo Sky Tree and Kappabashi kitchenware heaven. It’s a town where old and new co-exist.

Hotel → Ginza Station (10 min. via Subway Hibiya Line)
Ginza is Tokyo’s biggest shopping area lined with flagship stores of global fashion brands, Japanese branches of world-famous stores, and distinct department stores including Mitsukoshi, Matsuya, Matsuzakaya and MARRONNIER GATE.

Hotel → Okachimachi Station (5 minutes’ walk) →Shinjuku Station (About 30 min. via JR Yamanote Line)
Shinjuku has many different faces – a business district filled with high-rises, nightlife district which contains Shinjuku Golden-Gai and Kabukicho, and the center of cutting-edge culture where fashion complexes targeting young people such as Isetan Shinjuku, Takashimaya Times Square and LUMINE EST line up. Shinjuku is a transportation hub where JR, private railways and subway lines interconnect. Shopping malls and department stores cluster around these railway and subway stations.

Hotel → Hatchobori Station (10 min. via Subway Hibiya Line) → Maihama Station (10 min. via JR Keiyo Line) → TDL (5 minutes’ walk)

Hotel → Akihabara Station (7 minutes’ walk) → Ryogoku Station (5 min. via JR Sobu Line) → EDO-TOKYO Museum (5 minutes’ walk)
This museum was established in order to preserve, commemorate and transmit the history and culture of Edo-Tokyo. The museum has been, since then, a popular sightseeing spot in Tokyo. It receives visitors of all ages including tourists from abroad.

Hotel → Okachimachi Station (5 minutes’ walk) → Harajuku Station (About 30 min. via JR Yamanote Line)
Harajuku has the Takeshita-dori which attracts attention from around the world as the birth place of the “kawaii” culture. CUTE CUBE HARAJUKU, located at the center of Takeshita-dori, is full of cute stuff and exciting events and is crowded with girls who seek after those. Omotesando is filled with cutting-edge shops from high-end boutiques to household goods shops, as well as gourmet restaurants.